Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Madrid Part Dos

       Today in true Spanish fashion Ed and I got out and about around 10 AM.  Seriously, no one does nada early, and nothing is open.  Anyways we had a foodie adventure at the Mircado San Miguel.  Not until we walked to it from our hostel in order to not feel to tubby about ourselves.  We went from stand to stand sampling all the goodies.  However, I will leave you in suspense of those pictures for later.  Here are some great shots of the morning.  

      That afternoon we went to the Cerralbo Museum, which is a fine home from the 1800s.  I always like to see the day to day items over bits of broken pottery.   Here are a few shots from there...

    After a rest in the park by the palace, and locating some fizzy cola gummies, we headed off to a tapas tour.   There we met some fun Austrailians and enjoyed some good drinks, great food, and company.

Razor back clams y sangria! Muy bien!

Our first experience with a shot in a chocolate filled ice cream cone.  It is called madrono and it is from the berry of a tree when partnered with a bear is the symbol of the city.  It is super sweet and indulgent!

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