Sunday, 1 December 2013

Grotto Falls Trail ~Smokey Mountain National Park

Sneak peek of the view through the trees along the trail.
Although our trip was cold and wet, we did take advantage of our one clear day.  We took the afternoon to hike to Grotto Falls in Smoky Mountain National Park.  The hike was three miles total to the falls and back to the car.  We took our time, and ate lunch right past the Falls.  Here are my pros and cons of the trail the day we hiked it….

  • The hike is moderate, but I did not feel so overexerted that I did not enjoy our final destination.
  • It can be done quicker at a faster pace in order to see more of the park after you have finished it.
  • Great scenery long the trail and at Grotto Falls.
  • It is a popular trail, and was very crowded.  Both walking along the trail and at the Falls.  
  • The ice melting from the morning and all the traffic caused the trail to get very slippery and muddy coming back.  I would suggest tackling the trail early to avoid this.
  • The bathrooms at the trailhead were retched.  There are no other words for it.  My friend looked inside one, and would not continue past the door.  
Visit here for more information on the other waterfalls at Smokey Mountain National Park we did not visit on this trip.  

A little nature scenery along the trail. 

I think that could be a great fairy home.

It was so cold there are icicles along the trail.

View from the Falls

Now that is a Rugged Bunch!