Saturday, 30 June 2012

Living Out of a Pack

    Edward and I are preparing for take off tomorrow morning.  Sunday morning we will be in Madrid, Spain enjoying eighty degree weather and the Euro Cup!  My latest online obsession has been Pinterest for ideas on everything from lesson plans to cleaning tips.  However, in my frantic search for packing tips I saw nothing for packs.  For our twenty one day trip we are only bringing our camping packs and a carry on.  I will be using my Northface  60 women's pack, and Ed will carry a Deuter Futura Zero 50.

Before I give you the packing breakdown here are some tips for carrying a pack:
  • Measure your torso before buying a pack.  
  • Remember everything has to be carried on your back.  So pack light!
  • It is best to put everything in a smaller bag for easy packing.  It also is useful to keep things from getting lost in the bottom.
  • Put heavier items like shoes on the bottom. 
  • Find out where all those zippers lead.  My pack has a nifty side zipper to access my bag from any angle.  
Mandy's Pack

Everything in bags ready for stuffing.

My clothes layed out.  I packed two short, two skirts, six tops, a dress, bathing suit, board shorts, three scarves, and clothes to sleep in.

Toiletries set

Everything fit!

Carry on with travel pillow, makeup, adapters, fuzzy socks, notebook, colapsible water bottle, extra clothes, phrase book, and. Nook.  

Edward's Pack:

Edward's set up.

Edward's carry on 

All packed up and ready to go!