Monday, 20 June 2011

Summertime Product Fun

         These are my favorite inexpensive goodies for a great summer of camping.  Edward introduced me to both of these products by Light My Fire.  Unfortunately, in Mississippi summertime is not the prime time for camping.  Both of these can be found at Walmart or Academy.

This is a versatile little Spork made of plastic.  

These are called Grandpa Fire Fork that attach to a stick.  I have used them on multiple scout camping trips for S'mores and sausages over an open fire.  

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Salt Life... Fishing Trip

*Me with some of the days catch*

      I have not been very "rugged" the past few months as I have been working with my co-workers to move into the brand new downtown Biloxi Library.  Edward has been doing all the fun rugged stuff lately.  Sunday we went with our good friends to wade fish off the tip of to the island.  It was a great trip with a lot of excitement.  We spent the morning waste deep (well chest deep for me) throwing the pole.  The trout were so active they were swimming right past us and chasing the lure all the way up to us.  One fish scared me when it splashed out of the water after the bait.  We ended up making a great haul of fourteen speckled trout and a red fish pictured below.

     Jessica and I grew tired of fishing around ten.  We spent the rest of the morning sunning and swimming in the glassy water.  It was like our own private island since everyone was a ways away in their boats.  There were plenty of horseshoe crabs and even a dried sea star along the beach to admire.  The best part of the summer is the afternoons where the water stills and calms.  Hopefully, this will be the first of many great boat trips!  

*The day's haul* 

*Ed and I before heading home*