Friday, 29 November 2013

Cold Weather Camping at Elkmont in Smokey Mountain National Park

Our tent at Elkmont
While others go to Tennessee and stay in cabins for cozy mountain Thanksgivings, we stayed in Smokey Mountain National Park over my break.  We chose Elkmont Campground because it was still open this late in the season.  This was serious cold weather camping at an elevation of 2,150 feet and our coldest night at 21 degrees Fahrenheit.  Each campsite has a fire pit, table, and elevated pad for tents.   

As far as a site with many camping spaces, this was one of the best I have visited.  We enjoyed our tent side view of Little River, and the facilities.  (No showers included!)  Being so late in the season there was room between most spots.  We stayed for two nights, but did allow the snow to cut our trip short.  We worried the roads would ice over with the winter storm that moved across Tennessee this holiday.  

If you would like to visit Elkmont just keep a few of these things in your mind.
  • All food and items to prepare it must be closed up in a camper, vehicle, or closed trailer.  This is bear country and the fines are serious.
  • All firewood must be purchased through the park.  This is the prevent the spread of invasive species into the park.  
  • Six people per campsite.  
Here are a few more from our campsite.  

The river that runs through Elkmont Campground
View from our tent
Chilly Morning Camping 
Camp Cafe
Brats on the grill 
Stay tuned for more pictures from our campsite and maybe some cold weather camping tips.