Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Madrid at a Glance

    We made it to Madrid around 7 AM their time on the smallest plane I have ever flown on an International flight.  Dazed and exhausted we wandered the streets until we found our hostel, and could at least drop off our bags.  That afternoon, after coffee and a siesta, we went down to the statium for a pre-game party.  It was nuts!  Everyone was in their red and gold best singing up the escalators from the metro.  

      The next morning we caught a free tour from the Plaza Mayor.  We have done these frequently and rather enjoy the crash course  in the city we visit.  Our guide Paula took us around some quick sights such as the Plaza de Sol and the Royal Palace.  

      That evening we meandered the streets where they had yet another big party to celebrate Spain's second Euro Cup victory.  

    The Spanish people do stay up late.  Ed and I found ourselves going to and outside cafe by our hostel and chilling with the locals till around midnight.  

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