Sunday, 3 April 2011

Will I find an alligator in the tent? Buccaneer State Park

     Welcome to the inaugural post for The Rugged Bunch!  This is a place for my fiance Edward and I to share our outdoor adventures in South Mississippi.  I was not always the budding nature fairy that did not mind sleeping in the woods.  Edward's family have always been big outdoor people, and since we have been together I have had many outdoor experiences.  Now we are both assistant scout leaders, and try to get out of the house most weekends.  Over the past few ten years we have camped in Oregon, down the Natchez Trace, and anywhere else in between.

      This weekend Edward and I took a short trip down to Waveland, Mississippi in order to camp at the newly redeveloped Buccaneer State Park run by Mississippi Department of Wildlife.  The park was seriously damaged during Hurricane Katrina, and now campers are beginning to return in order to enjoy the new facilities.  We camped in the back portion of the park that had a great view, but also a front row seat to the train.  The train passed at least three times throughout the night waking us up every time.  This ended up being the only real problem of the park.  Restrooms with toilets and showers were a little ways off, but not unaccessible.  The weather was great with chilly nights, but the insects had already begun to swarm.  

     During the day on Saturday we made a trip to New Orleans in order to visit the zoo with Edward's family.  So we did not end up spending a lot of time around the park or the community.  We ate breakfast scrambles with mushrooms, picks in a blanket made with sausage, and breakfast sandwiches with bacon inside on toast.  We also used our new Marmot car camping tent for the first time together.  

*Conecuh Sausage Pigs in a blanket cooked over the fire*

*Sunrise from our campsite*

*Heather in Bloom!*

 *Our orange Marmot Tent*

*Our campsite in the evening*

*About to fix breakfast*

        I look forward to sharing more of our adventures in the past and future.  We will also share our favorite products, tips, and tricks.  Keep an eye out for our Cat Island camping trip in a few weeks!

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