Thursday, 7 April 2011

Rain Jackets for the Short Girl

          I am embarrassed to admit that only about three months ago I bought a proper rain jacket.  Even after all the crazy weather I have experienced living on the Gulf Coast with its temperamental weather, and residing in the wettest city in the world.  My knack is for picking up jackets that are not as waterproof as they appear.  Jackets are already difficult for me to find due to my short arms, and small stature.  One random Target trip, Edward and I discovered a Kelty jacket that actually fit me for under a hundred dollars.  (For months I had lusted for the North Face jackets, and all their pretty colors.)  For thirty-five dollars, we bought a jacket that actually would fit me as well as keep the rain out.

*My cute purple Kelty jacket*

         The root of my problem was probably due to the fact I would always wait till the last minute before a trip to look for a jacket.  Waiting to the last minute is never a great idea.  Especially when it comes to travel gear.  

*In Scotland with my tacky yellow jacket*  

         Some things to look for in a good rain jacket is for it to fit properly with some room to layer underneath.  Although you want water to stay out, it is also best if the material "breaths" as well.  Nothing is worst than be wet and stuffy. It also may be wise to test your new jacket on a short weekend trip before it is completely necessary.  For example, when I was in Scotland the first time, I got pelted through my jacket with the icy rain.  The rest of the weekend, I was wet and cold.  Take it as a travelers warning to go find a good rain jacket.  

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  1. Mandy...I have never really owned a proper rain jacket...and I live in the Pacific Northwest! Umbrellas are frowned upon as well. Haha