Saturday, 7 July 2012

Arandi-what!? Or Driving With Ed in a Foreign Country

      So yesterday Edward and I left Madrid in order to begin our north country leg of the trip ending with a no doubt crowded rain to Barcelona on Friday.  Part one of our journey yesterday morning entailed taking two trains one to Zagroso and another to Longrono.  We then borrowed a car in order to drive to our hostel in a little town called Arandigoyen.  (Don't worry I cannot pronounce it either.)

       The trains worked out as planned, but we ended up driving around lost in the Navarre District for 5 hours!  Here are some scenes from yesterday.  

Our cute hostel!

Ed with our trusted coche.


  1. Hahahaha...oh the adventures of driving in foreign countries. Always exciting! Glad you guys are having a great time!!!

  2. Aw ed your truck turned European!

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